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About Us

About Us

Fire Glazed studios was born out of desire to explore a new hobby and add an artistic outlet to our lives. I have wanted to try ceramics again, but I haven’t touched a piece of clay since high school. While I thought about doing it again, I had none of the equipment I would need to get started. That all changed in May of 2023 when I saw a kiln on Facebook Marketplace. After bringing it home it was at that precise moment when we realized that we had now idea what we were doing.

After some discussion and figuring out we have a lot of learning to do, we decided to share our journey with others so they could learn with us, or at least get a laugh as we try not to burn the house down or blow anything up.

My wife and I currently live in on 12 acres in Missouri with our three cats, Pippin, Loki, and Sammy (Samantha Carter), and take care of my mother who has multiple sclerosis and cancer.

We both enjoy reading and watching Fantasy and Sci-Fi, hiking, camping, martial arts and learning new things.