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Welcome to FireGlazed

Welcome to FireGlazed

Recently my wife and I decided that we would begin learning ceramics. We both have had a tiny bit of experience but that was back around high school. Since that time I have always wanted to take it up again but until recently it just wasn’t something we could do. A few weeks ago we decided that should change and we bought a Kiln.

It is amazing what you can find on Facebook Marketplace and so we ended up driving about an hour away to pick up our very first kiln. Now a normal hobbyist might think, “I’ll start off small and then build up over time”, well we have never really been considered normal and ended up with one of the biggest kilns I have seen that wasn’t commercial grade. In reality, the kiln was a lot bigger than I expected, but we were there and it was relatively inexpensive. The previous owner was very nice and told us a little about the history of the kiln which I will share in a later post, told us about his experience with pottery and bonsai pots, and because we never seem to do anything halfway, we ended up buying his kick wheel, and a homebrew hood.

Did I mention we didn’t have any idea where we would store something this large? Once we got it home we ended up clearing a spot in the garage and after a lot of work it is not in its temporary resting place. It wasn’t long after that we came to the conclusion that between the two of us we didn’t really know enough about kilns, clay, cones or really anything that you should to properly begin a hobby. When we realized just how much we didn’t know we decided that we could share our journey with others.

And here we are, before even learning the differences mud and clay, I decided to set up a Facebook page, which led to creating a community group on Facebook, an account on Instagram, a Youtube channel, and of course this website. Did I mention I didn’t know much about any of those things really. I know just enough to make somewhat functional website.

At some point we will start getting supplies but at the moment we are still learning so it may be a bit yet. In the meantime watch the website for articles and additional blog posts as we start trying to get to the point of creating our first pots in the new Kiln.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time to follow our story.

Tim and Alisha

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